The various ethanol qualities and preparations supplied by Alcosuisse are classified as dangerous goods according to ADR/RID regulations (UN 1170 class 3). Consequently, the transport of ethanol places heavy demands on the supply chain. For example, drivers are required to undergo special training, vehicles must be suitably technically equipped, and carriers are required to pay higher liability insurance premiums. Alcosuisse takes its responsibilities seriously and rigorously checks all vehicles and crew to ensure compliance with the stringent safety requirements.


Anyone using or processing ethanol must be in possession of the corresponding product-specific safety data sheets. These can be obtained from us.


Alcosuisse’s distribution centres are equipped to the latest safety standards, featuring, for example, fire alarm devices, gas escape detectors, emergency ventilation, EX zone classification and their own fire-fighting teams.


Through constant process monitoring and continuing general and specialist training of its employees, Alcosuisse has achieved a very high level of safety. The processes are documented in the quality management standard ISO 9001:2000.


Alcosuisse also has a certified dangerous-goods safety adviser in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Risk Prevention Officer Ordinance. Alcosuisse attaches great importance to health and safety at work and security systems. We work together with SUVA, SECO and the Federal Office of Public Health and undergo regular audits by the same.


Alcosuisse is committed to introducing the new standards for dangerous goods GHS, REACH and biocides, taking all necessary steps without delay. Alcosuisse intends to implement these new standards as soon as they have been recommended for use by the legislators (at present they are not yet incorporated into law).


For any questions regarding safety and dangerous goods, please contact our safety and technology expert Mr. Andreas Roth on tel. + 41 (0)31 309 17 06 or by e-mail at andreas.roth(at)

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