Welcome to Alcosuisse

Alcosuisse is your partner in the ethanol industry, with decades of experience in the international ethanol market.

Alcosuisse sells on average around 450,000 hectolitres (equal to 37 million kilograms) of ethanol each year.

We buy ethanol on the international market, from example in Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan, the US and several European countries.

Ethanol is a versatile substance: It is easily mixable with water and a range of other liquids and has excellent solvent properties.

We supply our various ethanol qualities to the pharmaceutical industry for the production of drugs and disinfectants; the cosmetics industry uses ethanol for the production of perfumes and body care products.

The chemical industry uses ethanol as an excipient, a solvent and a starting product for chemical reactions. The industry requires the substance for the manufacture of detergents, dyes, paint, ink and explosives.

Ethanol is also used in the food industry for preserving food and manufacturing flavours used in the food industry. The spirits industry uses ethanol for the production of liqueurs and aperitifs.

The various ethanol qualities are defined in Alcosuisse’s sales specifications. Each quality must meet the set values. Alcosuisse’s product range consists solely of ethanol obtained from the fermentation of by-products from agricultural commodities.


Alcosuisse could also include ethanol of synthetic origin, such as second-quality ethanol, in its product range. However, up until now it has not done so owing to possible side-effects.


Only ethanol for fuel purposes is obtained from wood raw materials today.

Alcosuisse - your partner for ethanol