For the cold months: Pumpetha heat transfer medium

Save energy and do something good for the environment, for the sake of our future.

Its positive ecological and technical qualities make Pumpetha ideal as a medium for filling your heat pump/circulation pump:

  • low pump resistance
  • biodegradable
  • also can be used in Au water protection areas
  • long lifespan
  • no corrosion inhibitors required, protects the piping system, i.e. antibacterial effect which prevents microbial contamination of the heat transfer medium
  • higher heat capacity of ethanol compared to ethylene glycol which reduces energy consumption by 40% in the circulation pump
  • protection of the piping system
    • tests show that the mixture initially forms a crystal mush before it freezes
    • the interaction of alcohol molecules with water significantly reduces the feared bursting effect of pure water (water/ice conversion pressure = 2100 bar)
  • 20% alcohol solution has a theoretical freezing point of -11°C
  • completely non-toxic
  • simple disposal possible
  • Pumpetha is exempt from the VOC tax on alcohol
  • non hazardous

Are you interested? Contact Kerry Bächle on tel. 031 309 17 27