Denaturation and market separation

The market separation between taxed ethanol for potable purposes and foodstuffs, and untaxed ethanol for industrial purposes, is ensured through denaturation. Denaturation refers to the alteration of the natural smell, flavour or appearance (colour) of a substance by spiking it with additives.

In order to prevent consumption of untaxed ethanol, its production, importation and use are monitored by the Federal Customs Administration.

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You can choose from the following wide range of denaturants offered by alcosuisse. Combinations of more than one denaturant are also, of course, possible. We can also show you other specific denaturant solutions on request, use your own denaturant or store it on our premises, or work with you to look for other feasible solutions in consultation with the competent authorities.

The most important denaturants in our offer
Bitrex/rosemary oil-Ph.Eur.
Solution of Bitrex (content x ppm Bitrex)
Solution of cyclohexane (content x% cyclohexane)
Diethyl phthalate
Ethyl acetate
Solution of camphor (content 0.x% camphor)
Methyl ethyl cetone
Diethyl phthalate/rosemary oil-Ph.Eur.
Rosemary oil-Ph.Eur.
... Large selection of other denaturants available on request.


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