Certificates of analysis

Each goods delivery comes from a batch (or lot) with a corresponding batch number (analysed and cleared goods). This ensures that each product delivered in Alcosuisse containers is in line with the sales specification of the respective grade. Thanks to the batch number, the product can be monitored and traced back from the time it arrives in the plant to when it is delivered. The following certificates of analysis are available upon request:

  • Ethanol certificate of analysis
  • Product certificate of analysis
  • Batch certificate of analysis

Ethanol certificate of analysis
The ethanol certificate of analysis results from the testing of the batch in the sales tank. The analysis relates to the ethanol without denaturant.

Product certificate of analysis
A product certificate of analysis can be obtained for finished mixes such as denatured F25 MEK neutral spirit or denatured Sekunda-grade spirit. The analysis for this certificate relates to the mixture provided in the tank (batch).

Batch certificate of analysis
A batch analysis certificate can be issued on request for large containers. The mix is homogenised in the large container (transport container) and then analysed. The certificate relates to this prepared batch.


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