Alcosuisse possesses two production facilities at its sites in Delémont (Canton Jura) and Schachen (Canton Lucerne). Alcosuisse is ISO certified, conducts an HACCP risk analysis once a year and is subject to a strict quality control system. Moreover, our plants are audited annually by several clients from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sectors and the chemicals industry.

The storage capacity of the plants is approximately 388,000 hectolitres of pure ethanol. Since most of the incoming and outgoing goods deliveries occur by rail, both plants are linked to the rail network.

Apart from the high quality standards employed in purchasing, the key quality benefit lies in the manufacturing process of our products. All deliveries undergo extensive, multi-stage testing, strict separation according to product category and purification before being stored in dedicated ethanol storage tanks. Thanks to its elaborate production steps, Alcosuisse can stabilise the volatile nature of a producer's crude ethanol and thus manufacture flawless high-quality ethanol products. The customer is thereby guaranteed a unique level of consistency in respect of the desired quality and product properties.

The processing of our products involves a highly complex production and storage strategy that enables us to produce top-quality products.

  • Dedicated pipeline and tank systems. To maintain quality, the same pipelines are always used. In addition, all tanks, pumps and preparation and bottling facilities are kept strictly separate according to product category.
  • Filtration. All of our products are purified by filtration down to 1µm.
  • Stainless steel. All tanks, pipelines and pumps are made of stainless steel.

The processes in the plants have been highly optimised so that all daily operations can be ensured with nine qualified employees. They deal not only with the admission, storage and distribution of ethanol, but also with most of the ongoing preventive maintenance work. Thanks to modern computer-controlled installations, our customers can rest assured that we will cater to their needs in terms of quality and quantity as well as with regard to the sometimes very tight deadlines. Since we have production facilities in two different locations, logistical and time-related bottlenecks can always be overcome, and security of supply is guaranteed at all times.


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