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Themenbild mit Bergen für Alcosuisse Marktreport 1. Quartal 2022

Alcosuisse Market Report 2nd Quarter 2022

European market for pharmaceutical and industrial ethanol grades.

The current market situation for ethanol in Europe is dominated by the war in Ukraine. Prices, which had already been rising steadily in the months before the Ukraine crisis, have now literally exploded. Similar to the situation in 2020 at the beginning of the Corona crisis, it is not possible currently to define a clear market price.

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Bildmontage für Themenbild ChemCare Modal Englisch

ChemCare® - For carefree handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous wastes

The companies of the Thommen-Furler Group as partners for the procurement of chemicals and lubricants, for environmental technology and for the recycling of industrial and hazardous waste, offer you an integral solution from one and the same source that is not only environmentally sound but also extremely economically interesting.